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Marrying Again

Barry Selby

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Barry Selby is a published author, inspirational speaker and compassionate and caring guide. His mission is helping you have your most authentic and rewarding romantic relationship. With heart, wisdom and yes, passion, he facilitate singles and couples to have the relationship they’ve always dreamed about.

Born and raised in England, he moved to the US in 1981. Along the way he had his own fair share of dysfunctional relationships, failed romance and broken hearts. It was obvious something was off, and he realized it might well have something to do with him.

He embarked on a personal journey studying human development and personal relationships. He invested in seminars, books, teachings, and studied with master teachers and guides. Along the way he earned a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, and is also a professional spiritual counselor.

He has distilled his own core teachings from his journey, and combined with his big heart and loving compassion; he inspires, encourages and empowers his clients and audiences.

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