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Dr. Lise Janelle

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Dr. Lise Janelle is a success coach. She provides practical, solutions with her powerful techniques to life, work and relationship challenges by working with the subconscious and conscious mind. Her clients range from executives, moms, young adults, entrepreneurs, artists. olympic athletes, and celebrities. She is the founder of the Center for Heart Living which is dedicated to empowering people by connecting them to their core values.

Dr. Lise’s was a successful chiropractor for over 22 years; she is championship rower, author and keynote-speaker. She is featured regularly in print, radio and television and is a member of the exclusive Transformational Leadership Council [TLC] which unites the top leaders in the field of personal and professional transformation.

Dr. Lise speaks openly about her ideas and methods in her latest book Conversation with the Heart, which successfully aims at reconnecting you to your heart so you can experience joy, love and an enduring feeling of true success.

Please visit Dr. Lise’s website for more information on products and services she offers: