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Starting Over

Melissa Terry

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Melissa Terry has had a unique journey that has taught her to navigate the inner labyrinth of her inner world. For the first 20 years of her life she experienced abuse of every kind. Her survival became dependent upon a certain kind of selective amnesia in which she kept the unimaginable trauma from her conscious life in order to cope well enough to continue living. Early in her 20’s she started a journey of recovery and healing. She realized that in order to change her life from what it had been to what she desired she was going to have to remember what she had been keeping hidden from herself and find a way to re-member, or bring back together, all of those pieces in order to be whole.

In addition to her metaphysical studies and being highly intuitive, Melissa has over 14 years experience in corporate business helping companies generate greater success by creating alignment strategies through strategic development, process architecture and team engagement. She has a real ability to bring into balance the logical/analytical and the creative/intuitive. She is also a certified Hypnotherapist and has a degree in Art History and Humanities.

Melissa is the CEO of Edin International: