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Prepare your mind, body, and soul to be the best version of yourself so you can be ready for your Happily Ever After.

What is
The Hourglass Bride?

The Hourglass Bride is a series of programs and tools for brides. From the master mind Nicole Brandon, Nicole teams up with some of the best in the wedding industry to give brides insights and inspirtation to achieve their happily ever after.

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Hour Glass Bride 30-Day Course

30 Day Course

The Hour Glass Bride Presents the 30 Day Course. This course helps shape your mind and body to get your ready for your big day. Follow this course for daily exercises, meditations, and motivational insights to revamp and revitalize you to your fullest potential.

Hour Glass Bride Programs 90-Day Course

90 Day Course

Fit into the dress. Yes, you can have the body of your dreams! Join celebrity fitness expert Nicole Brandon and her team of celebrity experts to help guide you to the perfect wedding day. Join us for anti aging tips, slimming secrets, music, dance, meditation, yoga, and so much more. Hourglass bride is the dream program for your dream day. Join us today.

Hour Glass Bride Programs Gold Star Course

Gold Star Course

You deserve to have it all. If you are looking for the very best and most exclusive bridal program around, You have found the dream program for the dream day. From the world’s top fitness experts, famed celebrities, and guests, join us to indulge in the answers, secrets, and tips to the perfect day. Anti-aging, cooking, fitness, health, self-care, intimacy, communication, wedding planning, and the path to the body of your dreams.

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