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DreamLife is the first ever launching pad and landing pad of the keys, tools, secrets, and wisdom to lead and to Live an Ultimate Dream Life. Here, our experts and celebrities share their gifts and their knowledge.

Our Award-Winning team garners 120 Grammys. 31 Tonys, 90 Emmys, 22 Tellys, and have sold over 600,000,000 books worldwide.

Through the years, love has never been canceled.

Dream Life is a dynamic website featuring top celebrities, talent, artists, and experts. It is a new innovative app, an entertaining book series for every stage of your relationship, a network TV show, a successful podcast featuring the world’s top innovators and minds, and a worldwide streaming media company.

Launched from the radio’s most successful relationship show, DreamLife is the ultimate guide and pathway to lifetime happiness and to love.

The world’s “Top Musical Artists” have joined our team to align harmony throughout the world.